What is Live Chat?
LiveChat is a web-based chat program that an online store or a website owner can use to communicate with their visitors. The visitors can simply click on a link or button on their web page to request a chat session
What is LiveChat Script?
LiveChat Script is a simple JavaScript code that can be safely inserted into you web page to enable livechat. The script dynamically generates the button or image displayed in your web site that serves as your visitor's chat link.
Is LiveChat Script really free?
The LiveChat Script that we will provide you is free. All you need is to register so we can assign your own LiveChat Script ID.
Why do i need a LiveChat Script ID?
A LiveChat Script Id is your account number that will uniquely identify your LiveChat script pasted in your web site. In this manner we can redirect all chat request from your visitors to chat users who are logged as operators in LiveChatScript website with the same ID.
How do i insert a LiveChat Script
You copy the script by logging into our website with your registered account. After copying the text you can paste it into any content location in your web page where you want the livechat image to appear.
What is a LiveChatScript Operator Console
The operator console is the user interface used by the agents/operators to accept chat request from visitors . This same interface is also useful in monitoring traffic in your website
How do i run the LiveChatScript Operator Console
You log on into your account in our website. In the left vertical menu bar, you click the link "Run my LiveChat Console"
I own multiple websites. How do i redirect all chat requests on my same account?
Simply copy and paste the same livechat script assigned to that account. There is no need to sign up to obtain another script.
I have just completed the sign-up process. What is next?
Check your e-mail for the verification code sent during the signup process. This is a six digit code that will be asked the first time you login to your account. To login, go to http://www.livechatscript.com/account.aspx and enter the account credentials you provided. If successful, it will redirect to your account page where you can configure livechat settings and run operator console.
I have been waiting for my verification code in my email. How long does it take to receive it?
Verification code email is sent immediately. If you can not find it in your inbox, check you spam folder. If you still cant find it there, send us a message in our "Contact Us" page.
Is this free because it is being tested for Beta launch?
This is not a Beta launch. This software has already been thoroughly tested before the website went public.
How do you maintain this site if this software is given away for FREE?
This website derive its revenues generated from Google Ads.Some users voluntary give donations and they become a premium customer. As a premium user, you will be assigned a software version with better features.
Are the messages sent from the chat sessions secure?
Yes. Livechat Script server encrypts and authenticates sent and received messages using standard SSL.
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